They say that each trip is unique, that travelers live and grow through experience in their own way. At Jungle Experiences we invite you to go on board vicariously, through the eyes of three expert travelers—exploring the most special corners of our planet. They told us about their experience and, through their eyes, we have the opportunity to relive their tales of the magic of sailing the Amazon— on board a cruise.

    Are you looking for a next destination? Would you like to know more about the immense Peruvian Amazon? Keep reading! These travelers are an inspiration.

    Kalpana Sunder, navigating the exotic Peruvian Amazon

    Kalpana, as she calls herself, is a travel writer and expert in Japanese who believes in serendipity and the power of a hug.

    She embarked on the exclusive Zafiro a few months ago. Her story highlights the wonderful description of Amazonian life.

    In the quiet routine of her cruise, Kalpana found moments to explore the jungle and really delve into it—– as well as to enjoy moments to simply relax and enjoy the view.

    The diversity of species that inhabits the immense Amazon, both flora and fauna, even surprised an experienced traveler.

    As she herself says in her story: ¨I wish it were possible to bottle up the peace that the wonderful Amazon transmits to accompany us always in our day to day life¨

    Read the full story,  discover here the experience of Kalpana Sunder.

    Shikha Shah: Wildlife and indigenous cultures in the Peruvian Amazon

    Shikha, journalist, travel blogger, free soul and romantic idealist —-as she describes herself— went into the heart of the Amazon aboard El Zafiro, and later shared her experience in The Economic Times.

    The magic of living the Amazon, for Shikha, appeared at the same moment she was able to admire the largest river in the world while flying over the jungle, from the heights of the plane that would take her to her destination.

    The views not only made her trip a unique experience, but also the explosion of life that inhabits the Amazon was the most moving detail of her adventure; wild and exotic animal and plant species and— beyond them—-native communities living in full contact with nature.

    The connection with the Amazonian culture, the discovery of its delicious gastronomy and, of course, the surprising wildlife all around her that she admired, made of its trip an experience that would change her infinitely.

    As she shares in her article: “there are many things that you take from the Amazon, most of them intangible and, even so, unforgettable.”

    Discover the inspiring experience of Shikha here, a beautiful way to learn a little more about the magnificent Amazon!

    Kareena Gianani, entering the secret world of the Peruvian Amazon

    Kareena is Senior Associate Editor of National Geographic Traveler India, passionate about traveling, discovering new cities, and collecting souvenirs of all shapes and sizes.

    Her great experience began before she set foot in El Zafiro—-admiring the views of the Amazon and meandering through the jungle was a beautiful promise.

    Once on board, Kareena tells how, through the sensitivity and knowledge of the person accompanying her– naturalist guides and the crew on board— she had the opportunity to discover the immensity of the landscape, the greatness of the wildlife that inhabits the Amazon.

    Beyond the landscape, which each day drew a different show before his eyes, Kareena had the opportunity to get to know the multiple healing properties of the Amazonian species as well as the immense diversity that also welcomes their culture.

    Discover the genuine experience of Kareena in her article for National Geographic Traveler—- a sensitive story that transports us to the immensity of the Amazon.

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