the experience of visiting the amazon

    There are overseas adventure travel awaken the soul, that transform the traveler. There are experiences that have their own energy, which connect you to your most authentic part. Traveling to the Amazon is one of those wonderful experiences.

    If, despite this, you are doubting if a cruise on the Amazon is the best for you, read on! If you recognize yourself in one of the following three descriptions, you will undoubtedly enjoy your trip through the largest river in the world.

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    1. You are nature lover, you enjoy admiring the greatness of our planet.

    You come to know why the Amazon jungle represents one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet.

    On the banks of the river and its tributaries, a burst of life takes place: countless wild species of flora and fauna make up the landscape wherever you look.

    Admiring this spectacle from a position of love and respect towards the beings that inhabit the jungle is an experience that is without a doubt, enriching.

      If, in addition, you live your trips hooked to your camera, as the Amazonian landscapes represent a unique opportunity to get incredible photographs.

      From our observation decks on board, and from the expedition boats with which we enter the jungle, you will discover images of those that remain with you for years to come. Prepare your camera for a new adventure!

      2. You feel the need to relax, connect with yourself and live a unique experience–an experience of your own.

      Sometimes, routine life overwhelms us–it exhausts us. In those moments, all we need is to raise our awareness—be more present by granting ourselves what we really need: quality time to ourselves.

      On board the Jungle Experiences cruises, you will always find moments to breathe. In such an immense environment as the Amazon and its jungle, how could you not find yourself in a continuous state of awareness and focus on what makes this planet so wonderful?

      Slow down and feel each discovery.

      One of the priorities of the team aboard our cruise ships in the Amazon is, precisely, that each traveler has a personalized experience.

        3. You are passionate about discovering new cultures, discovering the most authenticaspectsof each country.

        The magic of a country is always found in the people who inhabit it. Discovering new ways of living, and feeling partof undoubtedly different cultures for a few days, is an absolutely enriching experience.

        In our Amazon cruises we want you to enjoy precisely that experience: to live the ancestral customs of the native communities of the jungle.

        Visit the communities, participate in their rituals and celebrations, get to know their gastronomy … In the walking tours that you will enjoy in your days through the Amazon you will have the opportunity to live that authentic experience.

        If you have felt that you have identified with any of these three points, it is time for you to embark on a unique experience! Check our special promotions with one of our luxury travel advisors and book with us! We are waiting for you on our luxury cruise on the Amazon River!

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