Solo Travel : the Benefits of Single-Passenger Amazon Travel

Thinking about cruising in the Amazon and you don’t know with whom to go. At Jungle Experiences we know that human relationships are essential, but we also know that the experience aboard one of our cruises is unique.

We can assure you that a solo trip changes the life of more than one, since there is a great responsibility involved when embarking alone in the adventure. Even more if you have the spirit of a solo traveler!

So, admire every possible detail in this journey as this will, without any doubt, be an unforgettable adventure no matter how much time has gone by. You’ll share a unique life experience within the Amazon Rainforest!

You’ll meet at least 30 new people, who are probably having their first experience in the jungle, just like you. They are full of pure adrenaline knowing they will see the majesty of the Peruvian Amazon.

Our human talent won’t stay behind as we have one of the most important mission: get to know you, understand your tastes and create an adventure for both you and us to remember forever.

Solo travel sharpens our senses. The routes proposed by our cruises, both by Zafiro Luxury Cruise as by La Perla Adventure Cruise, will take you to places where you feel that you are part of the Amazon Jungle and its native communities.

You’ll be able to share new experiences with the people with whom you’ll interact during the time you’re in the cruise.

Enjoy a moment for you, where you can rediscover yourself in the heart of the Rainforest and in the company of your new travel companions and our crew.

At Zafiro Luxury Cruise and La Perla Adventure Cruise you will have the opportunity to venture and live with travelers that like you, seek new places to embrace different experiences within the heart of the jungle.

Forget about being sedentary and coming up with excuses. This is the moment for you to travel, remember, it’s never too late to embark on an adventure! Especially if it’s in the Peruvian Rainforest together with Jungle Experiences!

Enjoy your Amazon cruise and take advantage of our exclusive benefit: individual travelers only pay a supplement of 20%. So, pack your bags and don’t wait any longer to experience life in the Peruvian jungle!

Take advantage of our new promotions which only the first ones will enjoy. Check here our special promotions for travelers like you. Remember that we always travel in small groups, so we guarantee an even more exclusive experience.

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