The award is ours!

    We are very happy to annouce that we’ve been honored with the recognition, for the second consecutive year, of the “South America’s Leading River Cruise Company 2020” in the World Travel Awards, also known as the “Tourism Oscars”. Without any doubt, this encourages us to keep on working hard to offer you the best high quality, positive and environmentally responsible touristic service.

    Learn more details about our first award as the “South America’s Leading River Cruise Company 2019”, received on 2019.

      With over 30 years of service, we are committed to offering a high quality service to all our visitors. We are locals! Our guides are experts and know every inch of our territory. We love adventure as well as discovering and experimenting the world, our own way. We are always reinventing ourselves to surprise our guests.

      Embark yourself in a magical and welcoming experience! Thanks to our crew, all our passengers enjoy a stay 100% thought on their wellbeing and comfort. This way, visitors can choose the perfect Amazon cruise for them: one offering luxury (Zafiro), adventure (La Perla) or expedition (Amatista). Let us tell you more about the relaxing areas aboard our cruises!

      The best cruises in the Amazon 

      • Zafiro, the trip of your dreams! A luxury experience aboard Zafiro. Thanks to the open areas in the ship, our passengers can admire, from the observation decks, the beauty in the Jungle. A unique connection with the Peruvian Amazon!

      • La Perla, adventure in the Amazon!  Aboard La Perla cruise, connect with the immensity within the Peruvian Rainforest. The outdoor hammocks are the perfect space to relax yourself in the Amazon’s mysticism, awakening all your senses.

      • Amatista, expedition in sight! Explore the magical and lush Amazon aboard the traditional cruise Amatista. Did you know that this cruise is built entirely in wood? Live an authentic experience in its traditional-looking welcoming cabins.

      Adventures aboard the best cruises in the Amazon

      With us, you’ll live a unique experience discovering the treasures hidden in the Amazon. Let us tell you some of the activities you’ll be able to enjoy, aboard our cruises:


      • Walks through the suspension bridges: The immensity of nature from the heights! Live a magical moment within the Jungle. Walking through the suspension bridges, you’ll become the protagonist of a story you’ll remember forever.

      • Tree plantation ceremony: Leave a positive footprint in the planet! During the Tree plantation ceremony, you’ll be part of an activity in which you’ll be impacting positively with our Mother Earth.

      • Visit to communities:  Live the Amazon culture! Learn the traditions and rituals from the inhabitants of these magical territories, discovering their customs and sharing some of your daily practices with them.

        Together, let’s be part of a sustainable tourism! 

        We know that tourism has a transformative power on regions and cultures therefore, we are committed to our contribution on responsible practices in ecotourism, working constantly with non-profit organizations. Our actions influence on travelers, helping them become responsible tourists. Learn about some of our practices!

        • Awareness and responsibility: together with the non-profit organization Amazon Forever, we actively work on the preservation of the fauna and flora in our ecosystem. Our guides deliver talks on conservation and responsible use of natural resources, as on the protection of wildlife in the Peruvian Amazon.


        • Economic revitalization: aboard our cruises, you can contribute positively to the sustainable economy of the region. In our ships, you’ll have the chance to buy handcrafts created by people from the nearby communities.


        • Recycling culture: As part of our efforts to eliminate the use of plastic, we offer all our passengers, a free reusable metal water bottle. Aboard our cruises, we also separate the waste, to contribute with recycling practices.

          Would you like to come and explore the majestic Amazon Jungle? We believe that the satisfaction of our clients depends on each one of our team members. We all share deep love and respect for the Amazon, its people and its landscapes; as well as a strong commitment towards the protection of our ecosystem.

          This award drives us to keep on working and offer you the best touristic service aboard the best cruises in the Amazon. Fall in love with the world of Jungle Experiences!

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