• Connect with the Amazonian nature of Peru. Our more than 25 years of experience in the Amazon carries a unique connection with all life forms and cultures that shape a region that breathes life.
  • Travel to where our planet comes to life. Navigate the Amazon aboard our cruises, discover the largest river in the world and its surroundings, and explore the most virgin and unexplored areas of the planet.


  • Surf the Amazon waters in the safest way. Safety on board is one of our strong points. On board the Jungle Experiences cruises everything is designed for the well-being and safety of travelers.
  • Feel the bond between nature and humanity. Our guides know every inch of the Amazon jungle. Their more than 20 years of experience in the area make them the best people to walk hand in hand with as you discover the jungle and its native cultures.

  • Live an experience of your own. Traveling to the Amazon is making a journey to authenticity and discovering the unique experience of connecting with our planet, and also simultaneously connecting with ourselves.
  • Your adventure begins on board. The facilities of our cruises will assure you an experience where adventure, relaxing, and comfort are combined to perfection.
  • Discover the true love of nature. Protecting and preserving the life that brings the Peruvian jungle together is one of the priorities of our team. We share a mission with the inhabitants of the area; a mission that you can take part in as well.

If you wish more information regarding the amazing experience, write to us at info@junglexperiences.com

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