The Amazon Jungle is, without a doubt, a wonderful place whose wonder is attributed to its flora and fauna. In addition to that, it is a very mysterious place due to the infinite legends and myths which surround it. This has drawn the attention of everyone who visits or lives in the area.

    The human being has always tried to explain the origin of things around him, most of the time through mythology. And since the Amazon Jungle couldn’t be the exception, today you’ll read about The Yagua Myth of its origin.

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      It has been said that in times when men could talk to animals, there were two twin brothers that lived in the jungle with their grandparents. Back then, water was not easily found in the jungle and only the grandfather knew where to find it. He would then send his grandsons to get it so that their grandmother could cook.

        Tired of the task, the twins decided to find out where their grandfather was getting the water from. To do so, the oldest brother turned into a hummingbird and followed his grandfather carefully until they stopped in front of a tree called ‘Lupuna’ from where water sprouted. Excited with this highly anticipated find, he went back to his house and told his brother about it. They decided to gather all the animals they could find so they could cut the tree down and free the water trapped in it.

          It took them many hours of working to cut it down, however, they did not finish cutting it down completely and decided to leave it for the next day. The next morning they went back and found the tree as good as new. Shocked, they tried to cut it down again, without any luck. This happened a third, fourth and fifth time. One day, tired of trying, they decided to cut it down in one whole day. When the tree was nearly chopped down, the youngest brother turned into a scorpion and decided to look for his grandfather to sting his foot.

            Thanks to this action, the tree fell down with a crashing sound that was heard everywhere in the jungle. When Lupuna was down, water started pouring out of the tree trunk and then turned into the great Amazon River. The tree’s branches and leaves turned into the different fish species that can be found today.

            This is one of the many stories that surround the Amazon. If you wish to live a different experience and go on a luxurious adventure through the Peruvian Amazon, you can find exclusive deals in Jungle Experiences.

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