We love traveling. It’s the perfect opportunity to get lost and then find ourselves again while discovering new places and creating beautiful memories.

We understand that due to the situation we’re going through, you’ll be thinking if it’s safe to travel during COVID-19 times. Let us tell you: yes it is!

If you have a great desire of traveling and want to discover new destinations during COVID-19 pandemic, you must follow certain recommendations and requirements for a safe travel. Learn about them and continue creating unforgettable moments. Keep on reading!

1. Choose a safe destination.

Before traveling, make sure you choose a safe destination. Consider the World Health Organization’s recommendations as well as the ones from the Health Ministry in Peru (MINSA). It’s crucial that you maintain yourself well informed so that your trip is not only pleasant but also safe.

  • Open spaces: 

Going to a natural destination is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, discovering new destinations and cultures full of interesting traditions. It is worth mentioning, that infection risks are much lower in open spaces.

Of course, respecting social distance and using masks is mandatory, as well as using face shields in public transportation. Frequent washing of hands is equally important.    

2. Transportation for a safe travel.

Once you have chosen your destination, you must consider the means of transportation you’ll be using. If you are traveling by air, take into account the following requirements for a safe flight. Take note!

  • Personal protection.

At the airport, all passengers must wear, at all times, a disposable surgical mask as well as a face shield or safety glasses.

  • Documentation. 

All passengers must show their identity card, boarding pass or their flight reservation to enter the airport. Preferably, in electronic version. This way, the process will be streamlined and contact with staff avoided (reducing infection risks).

Remember that on our cruises through the Amazon, the heart of the Peruvian Jungle, you’ll be traveling safely at all times. Embark yourself and discover the world of Jungle Experiences! In each one of our boats, all measures and necessary precautions will be applied so our passengers feel safe both aboard and on land during our outings.

With a capacity of maximum 40 people on each cruise, enjoy a personalized trip and discover the wonders hidden in the Peruvian Amazon. Be part of an unforgettable experience in the Jungle. Note that thanks to the reduced capacity, the disinfection process will be a lot quicker and monitoring easier, reducing all risks.

With Jungle Experiences, live an authentic experience in the Peruvian Amazon, traveling with absolute peace of mind. Moreover, we have flexible booking opportunities especially for you, allowing you to book and if needed, later modify your travel dates, without any additional fee.

3. Requirements to travel safely to Peru. 

If you’re thinking about coming to Peruvian territory, take note on the following country requirements:

  • Hold a negative real-time RT-PCR (-) test result, with less than 72 hours from the moment it was issued, a negative antigen test (-) or a medical certificate of epidemiological discharge, before boarding the airplane.
  • In the case of children (under 12 years old), a medical certificate of good health is required.
  • Present an Electronic Health Sworn Statement, and a commitment to carry out the traveler’s isolation or quarantine, if needed.

We hope you find these recommendations useful and that they’ll help you plan a safe and pleasant trip.

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