Nature, a marvelous and breathtaking natural spectacle, by the flora and fauna from the region, for all of us to enjoy.

Spend time reconnecting with nature on an Amazon River Expeditions doing Sustainable tourism. He lives the experience of the jungle.

Many travelers opt for outdoor destinations, close to nature. This choice, enables you to experiment in a deeper and more intimate way, your bond with the environment. Moreover, practicing sustainable tourism, you leave a positive footprint on our ecosystem.

Today more than ever, we need to take a breath and resume our adventures. What could be better than a destination with unique ways of life?

Traveling to the Peruvian Amazon is an extraordinary way to explore nature sustainably, and leave a positive footprint in our planet, while we enjoy a wonderful experience.

Along with Jungle Experiences, discover all the secrets from our mighty Amazon and enjoy a peaceful stay, thanks to the health and biosafety protocols implemented in all our cruises. Your safety and our crew’s safety are our top priority. 

So, keep on reading and you’ll find some tips on what to bring to your journey in the Jungle, to enjoy an 100% responsible experience while traveling in Iquitos.

1. We respect the environment 

Traveling in Iquitos is the most authentic way to admire the diverse species inhabiting our vast planet. Temperature in Iquitos is perfect for hot weather lovers. During our outings in the jungle, you’ll connect with all forms of life and cultures shaping a region full of life.

Make the most out of this magnificent opportunity and see in person, the exotic amazon species in their natural habitat. As soon as you spot one, stop!, enjoy the moment and do your best not to interfere with their activities. You’ll discover the authentic way of living for each species and, become aware of the impact that our presence brings to their homes.

Together with our expert guides, who have over 25 years of experience and know every each in the region, you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure discovering the Amazon and its native cultures.

2. Be a sustainable tourist: What to bring on your trip to the Amazon? 

Let’s bring a positive impact to our environment! Changing our habits is hard; however, if we all focus on our goal to create a cleaner and safer place, we’ll make a significant change.


At Jungle Experiences, we are all conscious about this. Here we give you some tips on how we can, all together, take care of our environment:

  • Reducing waste: a good way of reducing the quantity of waste generated during your trip in our cruise is to think about what you should bring to your trip beforehand. For example, with reusable bottles, which every passenger receives upon their arrival to their cabin/suite, we avoid the use of non-eco-friendly material such as plastic.


  • Becoming aware of the waste: we don’t throw plastic, paper, wrappers or containers to the river waters nor to the forest. What we take on our trip to the Jungle is important because if it creates too much waste it will not only dirty our environment but also contaminate our planet! If you need to discard a wrap while you are in the middle of an outing, put it on your backpack or on the cloth bag that we’ll give you, so you can throw it in the garbage once we’re back in the cruise.


  • Sorting the waste: a cleaner way to discard what’s not useful anymore is by sorting the waste and recycle; for that purpose, our cruises have a sorting system. It’s also important to mention that we only use biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products.

  • Act local! Sustainable tourism in the heart of the Amazon 

Observe and try to adapt to the local culture and way of living. Don’t interfere in their traditions and rituals and if you wish to, be part of them! Listen to their dialects, learn about their exquisite cuisine and much more…

Live your experience with authenticity and you’ll be supporting the community’s development. Make your trip a truly inspirational experience.

Each decision can help us contribute towards a better world. From our choices on what to take on our trip to the Jungle, to how we interact once we are there.

Discover our next departures here, and start your adventure in the Peruvian Tropical Rainforest.

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