If there is a smorgasbord uniquely represented by its immensity and diversity—it is the Amazonian culinary. A unique environment from which to extract the most exotic fresh foods on the planet

Do you want to try the best dishes of Peruvian food? Get ready for a journey of flavors on your palate, traditional Peruvian food has its own name and is waiting for you.

The combination of the amazing fruits of the Peruvian Amazon gives rise to a culinary scene that consist of a plethora of flavors, forms and textures. For us, our elegant Zafiro Cruise is the means to experience this great smorgasbord and sharerecipes with the world,—a way of making it known among the most exquisite palates and turning to all those travelers who decide to embark with us as ambassadors of this experienceof fine dining.

Of all the dishes that you can savor aboard El Zafiro, there are four recipes that you will not want to miss. These are four regional dishes made exclusively with fresh products extracted from the jungle— Four dishes that savor of the Peruvian Amazon that you will discover in the dining room of our elegant cruise:

1. Tacacho with cecina and heart of palm salad. Tacacho with cecina is native to the Peruvian jungle and is made with green plantian and cured pork. The intense flavor of this recipe combines perfectly with the heart of palm salad, which gives a refreshing touch to the dish. The heart of palm, which extracted from the Amazonian palms, becomes the irresistible complement of a traditional recipe of the Amazon.

2. Cream of peanut soup with crispy pieces of heart of palm (Inchicapi). Inchicapi is also known as the classic soup of the Amazon and, as its name suggests, it is a traditional soup of the region. It is prepared with peanuts and accompanied with crunchy pieces of palm of heart. It is a typical soup of the jungle that you will want to savor forever!


3. Mango and tapioca panatela pataraschca. Patarashca is another typical dish of the Amazon. An exquisite way of cooking the river fish, it is wrapped in bijau leaf before being cooked in the oven or on the grill. In Zafiro ́s kitchen, the Patarashca is accompanied by mango and tapioca panatela, two luxury complements that give an exquisite touch to the recipe.

4. Doncella prepared a la putanesca with creamy potato purée. The docella (maiden fish), is one of the tastiest fish of the Peruvian Amazon. It is accompanied by the putanesca sauce and has a tendency to awe every traveler who to taste it. The yellow potato purée gives the recipe a creamy and irresistible texture.

As you will discover, every detail in the experience aboard El Zafiro reflects the image of luxury and exquisiteness. The cuisine aboard this cruise, served in the magnificent dining room with panoramic views of the Amazon, guides the traveler even deeper into the heart of the Amazon— allowing them to feel in their own skin, the heartbeat of a land unique for its diversity, and to discover the jungle from a privileged perspective.


Feel the heartbeat of the Amazon in every savory bite! Discover the exquisite culinary scene of the Peruvian rainforest.

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